StockRing iPhone Stock App is located at the Apple App store:

Once you open the App you will see different portfolios of stocks and ETFs grouped by industry, country, size, revenue, etc:

The App monitors your personal portfolio and sends you alerts about which of your personal stocks have a SELL rating  and which other portfolios of stocks were just updated by StockRing AI software with fresh BUY-SELL-HOLD ratings:

The App gives clear BUY-SELL-HOLD ratings to 5,000+ of actively traded stocks and ETFs. On this screen you see that all 4 major Index ETFs such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 are all rated as a DUMP which is short for “SUPER SELL”.

Once you click on any stock or ETF inside the APP you would be able to see the 6 moth chart. If you click on the chart again you will see the chart for 2 years and for 5 years.

The App will give you a pie chart showing how many BUY, SELL and HOLD stocks and ETFs you have in your portfolio or in any other 100+ portfolios available inside the app:

StockRing iPhone App is located at the Apple App store and available for a FREE download here:


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